low pressure dual nozzle controllable spraying head

cleaning head clean operator in nauta mixer high pressure spraying head for cleran operator 250 bar extender stroke 2,4 meter with toftejorg TJ20G high pressure spraying device

think and do


Studio WTB machine design

Specialised in:

� Engineering
� 3D & Autocad designing
� Turn- key delivery
� Systems for cleaning

20 jan 2014


Studio WTB bv is a technical design office located in Obdam in the Netherlands and established in 1989. The characters WTB stand for mechanical engineering. Studio WTB is involved in automating processes in the industry, mostly the food and pharmaceutical industry. Our work is developing, designing, drawing machinery according to the clients needs as well as turn-key delivery of machines and installations. Indicated commonly as engineering: to think and do.

Nowadays work takes place at location of TEB Engineering bv. This results in added value: more flexibility and in house expertise.

Our innovative designs save manpower, energy, water and chemicals. A more effective industrial cleaning contributes both to a durable future and a more profitable process. The WTB systems are manufactured by a selection of specialized construction workshops, run-down takes place in our workshop or elsewhere.

Testing and fine tuning form the basis of successful commissioning. CE marking, training and documentation make our supply complete. Pragmatically working, free choice in subcontractors and clear communication lead to a quality which is also economic. Our basis is general engineering, machinery for cleaning in the industry and marine applications have our special attention.

# crate washing equipment
# container washing machine
# case treatment (stacking, de-stacking)
# tank washing equipment
# retractable, positioning devices
# installations for high pressure cleaning
# automatic tank cleaning systems
# CIP systems (cleaning in place)
# General design



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